Webinar Notice Nov 11, 2022 10-11 AM EST, 'Ageing & Reconditioning Of Oil: The Tribological Perspective', Sassan Hojabr, SKF RecondOil Technical Manager

Reducing Tribological Losses and Failures – Part 17 Workshop

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2022 Fall and 2023 Spring Program

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Toronto Section Chair’s Welcome

On behalf of STLE Toronto Section, I would like to welcome you to our 2022-2023 program. Starting two years ago, STLE Toronto held several education webinars on-line and we will continue until we will have a safe environment for our attendees.

Our focus will be “cost savings” and / or “manufacturing cost reduction” based on better lubrication, better practices, and / or automated data gathering and processing. These helpful webinars will educate and empower attendees to contribute more to the company through these tough times.

I welcome you all on this program and hope to see you all there.

Behshad Sabah P.Eng. CLS, OMAI, II , CAT I,II

STLE Toronto Section Chair. 2022-2023



Our technical program over the last few years was based on half day in-person workshops featuring 5-6 speakers. This worked well but with the current concerns about the Covid 19, we are adapting. A short survey determined that the most popular was a talk 30-45 minutes long, on one topic, and held mid-morning. We are also going with live video audio webinars which allows our participants to attend from wherever they are working and there is no time lost for travel. Plus, questions can be submitted in advance or during the presentations. As before we are focusing on technologies that can help save your company resources. This can be better as it might help tribological products last longer, save energy, reduce waste, and/or increase productivity. Win, win, win!

The STLE Toronto Section uses events like this to help spread the word and also to raise funds. These funds are used to support the section activities and to provide donations and assistance to local universities and colleges. No money raised goes to salaries or expenses.

Sep 20, 2022: Rolling Bearing Damage and Failure Analysis: A Snapshot;  By Devan Devalia – SKF Canada

Oct 11, 2022: ‘Food Grade Lubricants – an Overview: By Behshad Sabah P.Eng CLS, OMA I,II – HF Sinclair -Petro Canada Lubricant

Nov 11 2022: ‘Ageing & Reconditioning Of Oil: The Tribological Perspective’, Sassan Hojabr, SKF RecondOil Technical Manager

Feb 14 2023: TBD


Titles might change, but topic will be the same or very similar. Suggestions for speakers to fill the gaps would be appreciated.

Webinar Notice Nov 11, 2022 10-11 AM EST, ‘Ageing & Reconditioning Of Oil: The Tribological Perspective’, Sassan Hojabr, SKF RecondOil Technical Manager


Imagine the benefits of being able to continuously or regularly recondition oils restoring the tribological performance levels required for a given application. A new reconditioning technology combining chemical and advanced filtering techniques has been developed to remove contaminants including submicron particles from oils, hence removing catalysts for oil degradation, and thereby extending the oil life. In this study, the tribological performance of the reconditioned industrial gearboxes have been compared to that of the fresh and used oil collected from the field by using specific tribological screening methods in combination with standard chemical analyses. While the main objective is to make sure that key lubricating properties are not altered during the reconditioning process, results also underline the importance of understanding the negative and/or positive effects of oil ageing and of defining the concept of oil life depending on the application. 


Sassan Hojabr. Ph.D., P.Eng.


Sassan graduated with a chemical engineering degree from McGill university in Montreal, Canada. Later he received his PhD from Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario, specializing in polymer reactive extrusion.  Joined DuPont and worked more than 24 years in packaging and industrial polymers division holding several patents and publications. In 2016, joined a nanocellulose start-up company as technical manager before moving to SKF RecondOil as North America Technical manager for the past year. Today he will share studies regarding the use of RecondOil technology in lubricating oils. 

Reducing Tribological Losses and Failures – Part 17