About STLE University

STLE is considered to be the foremost provider of non-commercial technical education to the field. Our goal is the dissemination of knowledge to further the science of tribology and lubrication engineering and STLE University is one way that we can share this information with those in the field. STLE University is a centralized location for your continuing professional education.
For more on the STLE University and how it works, click here. You can also view the tutorial which details this website including browsing for, purchasing, attending, and completing a course or webinar. 
STLE U includes many different educational offerings including both online and in-person education. Click below to get more information and to explore our different educational opportunities.

Our all-new online offerings include our online certificate courses, online short courses, and webinars. 

Our in-person education opportunities include Annual Meeting courses, local section coursescertificate courses , and on-site education.

All of our educational opportunities are worth a certain number of Education Credits (ECs), which is provided in the STLE Store listing. One (1) Education Credit is equal to 1 contact hour of education (50 minutes of content). STLE’s EC is scalable to other education programs. To determine how much a given course is worth, you can provide the CEU number (1 CEU = 10 contact hours); or the outline and length of the course and use that towards your recertification efforts. For more information, you can contact us at university@stle.org.

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