Welcome Message from the Chair

2020/2021 Chair’s Welcome Message

On behalf of STLE Toronto-Section Executive-board, I invite you to explore many networking opportunities, knowledge-transfer meetings and educational sessions that we provide. These are to help you and your company.

Fundamentally, STLE in general and STLE Toronto-section in particular, are a bridge between the knowledge centres (Suppliers, universities, collages, etc…) and industry.

In addition, STLE membership will further open the door to more opportunities in learning, networking and innovation. We also try to work closely with other professional societies such as ASHRAE, SAE and PEMAC to enrich our programs and connect to more industries and professionals.

In past years, with the help of our volunteers the Toronto Section has established strong relationship with Ryerson and UOIT. We hope to do the same at UofT, York and at Colleges in the GTA.

Our educational workshops with focus on cost saving have helped practitioners in the industry to learn, execute and benefit from these professional development educational courses. We plan on offering one in the fall of this year and again in the Spring of 2021. If there is interest we can also arrange for specific certification training and testing. Let us know.

More educational resources are available through our TLT monthly magazine, STLE webinar and STLE certificate programs like CLS, OMA I & II , and CMFS.

We also offer a Newcomer program to new immigrants to Canada; this will ease their career path in the local market. I encourage you to take advantage of many opportunities that await you at STLE Toronto section, and, I look forward to meeting you at one of our workshops!

Behshad Sabah P.Eng


Sr. Technical Services Advisor

HFSinclair – Petro-Canada Lubricants