One of the most important commitments the Education Committee undertakes each year is to share developing technologies in basic and advanced lubrication for the benefit of all individuals involved in lubrication. Each year, STLE Toronto Section conducts seminars in a wide variety of topics to fulfill this commitment.


In the past, these seminars have helped lubricant users cut costs by identifying and improving material selection, identifying improved operating procedures and developing a greater awareness of preventative maintenance.  

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CLS 2009 Training

Do you want to improve your  lubrication skills and  knowledge that will help prepare you for the most prestigious lubrication certification exam, making you more competitive in this difficult economic environment?  If the answer is yes, you difficult economic environment?  If the answer is yes, you need to register for this  highly acclaimed class taught over 80 times the last seven years and  presented by Lubrication Training & Consulting (LTC)

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