Past Chairs

Toronto Section Past Chairs

Years Chair *Company


Behshad Sabah

HFSinclair / Petro Canada Lubricant


James Arner



James Arner



Berrt Lublock

Petro Canada Lubricant


Solongo Wilson

Chemtura Canada Co.

2014/2015 Wayne Mackwood Chemtura Canada Co.
2013/2014 Greg Maderak Forsythe Lubrication Associates
2012/2013 Lou DiFlavio Chemtura Canada Co.
2011/2012 Paul Sampson Lubrizol Canada
2010/2011 Wayne Mackwood Chemtura Canada Co.
2009/2010 Kim Krieber Lubrication Engineers
2008/2009 Mauricio Galvez Brenntag Canada Inc.
2007/2008 Ed Milanczak Boss Lubricants
2006/2007 Dave Hermans L.V. Lomas
2005/2006 Chris Barnes Lubrication Engineers
2004/2005 John Kirk Battenfield Grease
2003/2004 Dean Belovari Kluber Lubrication
2002/2003 Wain Dunn Crompton Co.
2001/2002 Ray Norgate HILNOR Lubrication
2000/2001 Wayne Mackwood Crompton Co.

Toronto STLE Past Chairman presentation

Toronto Section Chairs to 2021

*During tenure as Chair for STLE Toronto Section

Before the Toronto Section was coined such, we were known as the Ontario Section. Chairs of that Section were:


  • 51/53    T.A. Marshall
  • 53/54    J. Boarse
  • 54/55    R.G. Armstrong
  • 55/56    W.B. Dembner
  • 56/57    J.F. Parker
  • 57/58    C.I.R. McDougall

Our sincere thanks to all these Past Chairs, their Executive and their companies who gave their time and support to help us all.

Toronto Section Past Chairs
(photo taken in 2005 at the Old Mill)

Left to right; Denis Taylor, Jim Arner, Vince Rakchaev, John Kirk, Ted Austin, Wain Dunn and Ken Brown

Full list of past chairs back to the inception of the Toronto Section

58/59 W. (Bill) H. Mann, D.A.Stuart Oil Co.
59/60 W.D. Gossett, Canada Packers
60/61 O. Halvorsen, Stelco
61/62 M.J. O’Reilly, Lever Brothers Ltd.
62/63 W. (Bill) G. Belfry, Texaco Canada Inc.
63/64 Frank Evans, Surpass Chemicals
64/65 W.L. Mittel, Canada Packers
65/66 Don Fraser, Shell Canada Inc.
66/67 W.J. Cooper, British American Oil Co.
67/68 R.L.Sinclair, British American Oil Co.
68/69 N.H. Regan, BP Canada Ltd.
67/68 Ron Wadman, D.A. Stuart Oil Co.
68/69 C.E. Williamson, Canada Packers Inc.
70/71 Jim Ferrie, Ontario Hydro Research
71/72 Archie B. Platt, Imperial Oil Ltd.
72/73 E. Nozewski, Massey-Ferguson
73/74 R. Hills, John Brooks Co. Ltd.
74/75 Norm Currel, Gulf Canada Products
75/76 Pat Courage, Imperial Oil Ltd.
76/77 George Burns, Gulf Canada Products
77/78 Don Reed, Texaco Canada Inc.
78/79 Marte Aviste, Kodak Canada Inc.
79/80 Charles Paquette, Burmah Castrol Canada
80/81 Ken Brown, Ontario Hydro
81/82 Scott S. Carnegy, Gulf Canada
82/83 Ernie Mills, Shell Canada
83/84 Chris Kent, PetroCanada Products
84/85 Sam Carinci, Imperial Oil
85/86 Stephen Cohen, PetroCanada Products

86/87 (Sami) Samiullah, Corundal Oil & Grease
88/89 Bob Balanagero, Castrol Canada
89/90 Wain Dunn, Surpass Chemicals
90/91 George Staniewski, Ontario Hydro
91/92 Ted Austin, Forsythe Lubrication Assoc.
92/93 Lorne F. Brock, Imperial Oil Ltd.
93/94 Jim Arner, Texaco Lubricants Co.
94/95 Denis Taylor, Taylor’s Triboloby Service
95/96 Vince Rakchaev, Ontario Hydro Research
96/97 Ted Austin, Forsythe Lubrication Assoc.
97/98 Jim Bondy, Imperial Oil Ltd.
98/99 Ken Brown, Utility Service Associates
99/00 Ernie Henderson, PetroCanada Products
00/01 Wayne Mackwood, Crompton Co/Cie
01/02 Ray Norgate, Hilnor Lubrication
02/03 Wain Dunn, Crompton Co/Cie
03/04 Dean Belovari, Kluber Lubrication
04/05 John Kirk, Chevron Canada Lubricants
05/06 Chris Barnes, Honeywell Building Solutions
06/07 Dave Hermans, L.V. Lomas
07/08 Ed Milanczak, Boss Lubricants
08/09 Mauricio Galvez, Brascorp North America Ltd.
09/10 Kim Krieber, Lubrication Engineers
10/11 Wayne Mackwood, Chemtura Canada Co/Cie
11/12 Paul Sampson, Lubrizol Canada
12/13 Lou DiFavio, Chemtura Canada
13/14 Greg Maderak, Forsytge Lubrication Associates
14/15 Wayne Mackwood, Chemtura Canada